My Local Partners
Mike Stowers, Loan Depot, Home Lending, 619-928-0112
Dr. James Thompson, Dentist, 619-460-4600
Marissa Atkinson, Pure Light Cleaning, 619-631-4133
Kevin Cadora, Attorney-at-Law, Family law, 619-255-8500
Mike Cagle, Auto maintenance, 619-444-7403
Lynette Clark, Custom soap manufacture/gifts, 619-341-2781
Phil Corbin, General Contractor, 619-571-3002
Matt Farmer, Plumber, 619-306-9885
Darla Fox, Supplements, Shaklee, 619-957-9403
Jonathan Ghiloni, Granite/Tile installation, 619-825-7958
Joe Hanna, Essential Oils, 619-504-9341
Chris Hansen, Attorney-at-Law, Trust and Business law, 619-469-2667
Graeson Harris-Young, Whole Body consulting, 619-733-5344
Patrick Howard, Wade-Howard CPAs, 619-442-3386
Glenn Kleint, Home inspections, 619-905-0110
Jeremy Knock, Reverse Mortgages, 866-407-4247
Kyle Lanz, Handyman, 619-567-6304
Mary Laterza, Property Management, 619-980-0043
Jamie Lewis, Florist, 619-445-7974
Mike McCarthy, Pest and Termite control, 619-251-9701
Dave Morton, College Copy Center, Printing, 619-697-2355
Elsie Nash, Payroll Vault, Payroll services, 619-985-4105
Kristie Powell, State Farm Insurance, 619-938-8103
Tyler Powell, Erickson Insurance, Commercial, 619-337-9980
Robert Shultz, Edward Jones Investments, 619-698-6688
Dave Steele, Pure Solar Power, 619-277-1634
Natty and Jaime Stokey, Stokey Painting, 619-890-6801
Jill White, Bookkeeper, 619-954-6866
Denise Wilhite, Health Insurance, 619-334-4300
Mitchell Williams, CPA, 619-461-9654
Nick Zundel, HR Consultants, 619-889-2108



Roger W. Roberts
Roger W. Roberts
9555 Grossmont Summit Dr La Mesa CA 91941