Favorite Links

 Http://www.google.com - A great search engine!
 Http://www.mapquest.com - Helpful driving directions!
  Http://mccormacks.com - Provides a wealth of community information throughout San Diego County
  Http://signonsandiego.com/ - San Diego Union-Tribune
  Http://www.sdbj.com/ - San Diego Business Journal, Business Newspaper
  Http://www.sddt.com/ - San Diego Daily Transcript, Business Newspaper
  Http://www.amazon.com - A great place to buy books, music, and DVD's.
  Http://www.sandiego.gov/ - City of San Diego home page
  Http://www.caltitle.com/ - California Title Corp
  Http://www.ci.san-diego.ca.us/police/ - information on area crime statistics
  Http://www.sandiego.gov/police/ - Get information on the San Diego Police Department and it's partnership with the community.
  Http://www.kifm.com/ - jazz radio
  Http://hometips.com/ - several great tips to homeowners
  Http://moving.com/ - estimates
  Http://movecars.com/ - nationwide auto transportation
  Http://onecorporateplace.com/ - temporary housing information
  Http://neighborhoodfind.com/ - information on U. S. cities
  Http://packingkits.com/ - moving money and time saving ideas
  Http://wackyuses.com/ - interesting uses of typical products found in the home
  Http://www.eastcountychamber.org - The web site of the San Diego East County Regional Chamber of Commerce- plenty of useful information about the Eastern part of San Diego County
  Http://visitsandiegoeast.com - The web site for the San Diego East County Visitors Bureau. Lots of good information about East County activities
  Http://movies.yahoo.com - Just enter your zip code and get movie times, locations, reviews, and more!!!!
  Http://www.stmsc.org - Non-profit organization in El Cajon that supports the needs of adults with developmental disabilities through various day programs including employment, aquatics, organic gardening, culinary programs and arts programs at Sophie's Gallery
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Roger W. Roberts
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